The Everglades: Kayaking and Invasive Species

And so FINALLY I've come around to being able to write a bit about Florida. Sorry it has taken so long, sometimes being a college student can be a very busy lifestyle with little time to actually do things for yourself (like, blog). Anyway, I spent my first real spring break in a non-traditional way:... Continue Reading →


Maine: An Autumn and Winter Medley

While the blog-life has been on the DL (let's call it DL versus non-existent), the insta-life has been on a roll. Here are some of my favorite Maine photos from my Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Fair warning: wanderlust is transmissible. Symptoms include desire to travel, need for adventure (we're talking a need like a sugar... Continue Reading →

Québec: La Belle Province

I shall spare you the boring histoires of the trip and give you some of the highlights in photos (my stories are lacking anyway). Yeah, the top of the mountain was in the clouds of rain. Never got a great picture of the summit, je suis desolé. Twilight in the powerlines Also, poor Tom Brady.

Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar

Hey y'all -- hope everyone in the U.S has been enjoying some lovely summer weather (hope everyone in the big S.A has been enjoying the random winter conditions ranging from rain to suffocating smog). I've been pretty busy these last few weeks in Chile; we've been in the midst of wrapping up our semester, which... Continue Reading →

Hi all! As many of you might have figured out by now, I spent the past week in the Galápagos Islands as an independent trip during my time in South America. Before I begin my long story about my journey to and through the Galápagos Islands, I would like to just say that to be... Continue Reading →

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