A Wild West Experience for an East Coast Kid

Another season of colorful foliage and apple-crisp days has departed us once again, and here we are amidst the snow and ice (in some cases, torrential rain and frozen desert landscapes). With autumn came life encased in hiking boots out in the yellow and brown sediment of central New Mexico, at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.... Continue Reading →


*Insert Catchy Title*

Yikes, where has 2017 gone? Time has swindled past us yet again and we're much closer to the reign of 2018 than we were the crowning of 2017. And during this blink of the eye, I've managed to plow through a plethora of adventures and simultaneously do little to nothing with most of my days.... Continue Reading →

The Fragility of the Environment

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders." - Edward Abbey The significance of the above quote is highly underestimated. Today I'm writing an unusual reflection, something a bit atypical for my blog. I will be addressing my advocacy for the protection of our environment, and the experiences that have led me... Continue Reading →

Once Again, Summer

Here we are again, in the months of longer and warmer days, of which we spend meandering around home or working the hours away to make a little extra change for the coming autumn. I'm content with knowing that I'll be spending the next few months doing all of this and not having to mentally... Continue Reading →

Maine: An Autumn and Winter Medley

While the blog-life has been on the DL (let's call it DL versus non-existent), the insta-life has been on a roll. Here are some of my favorite Maine photos from my Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Fair warning: wanderlust is transmissible. Symptoms include desire to travel, need for adventure (we're talking a need like a sugar... Continue Reading →

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