Life is a Highway: Literally. I’ve driven at least 3K in kilometers.

Actually I think between Katie and I, we've driven at least 3,5oo kilometers in Australia and New Zealand. It is now Day 22 of traveling. I have a lot less money (and surprisingly things/luggage) than I did 22 days ago (thank you summer jobs, Wake Forest, and parents for making sure there was money in... Continue Reading →


The Fragility of the Environment

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders." - Edward Abbey The significance of the above quote is highly underestimated. Today I'm writing an unusual reflection, something a bit atypical for my blog. I will be addressing my advocacy for the protection of our environment, and the experiences that have led me... Continue Reading →

Tableland Escapades

Hellooo from down under! Just another blog update on living abroad in the rainforest. Here's a quick recap on what is up: the final month of my biology-environmental program here in Australia is dedicated to research whereas the first two months were dedicated solely to classes and learning about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area... Continue Reading →

G’day Mate

Hello good people! In case many of you did not know, I am currently abroad in North Queensland, Australia for the fall 2016 semester. None of you probably also know that it has been a dream since high school to be in the land of the down under, so as you can imagine, this is... Continue Reading →

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