Hey friends, visitors and the world!

My name is Brennie and I’m from the lovely New England state of Maine (fun fact: Maine is the closest U.S state to Africa, I kid you not); I’m a bit of a Maineiac and kind of obsessed with Maine (just kidding, it’s infatuation). I’m currently enrolled as an undergrad at Wake Forest University, and I’m enthralled in the world of biology and ecology. But this blog will more than likely have little to do with science, as I am using it to document my adventures in the expansive world.

The original intent of this blog was to document my five months living in South America, specifically Argentina and Chile. That time, however, has come to pass (February 2015-July 2015). Having gotten the taste of travel, I now use Moose Takes World to share home, school, thoughts, and adventure with those who peruse it.

Get ready for Australia and potentially New Zealand at the end of August 2016! I hope you enjoy the spontaneity of each post, past, present and future!


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