A Very Belated Summer Post

Alas the summer of 2016 (the year of 2016) ended awhile ago; however, I realized I never really put something together depicting the various adventurous I found myself wandering into. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you care to some extent and if you don’t, I might suggest you look elsewhere for entertainment. This post will show a variety of things, from spontaneous summer moments to those that were carefully planned, including a week on the Appalachian Trail in Maine and a pit-stop in Oregon to visit a dear friend before leaving the country for the Down-Under. Also featured will be a few pics of the summer addition to the wild Radulski household, a very obnoxious puppy (soon to be over-grown lapdog) named Oliver.

Most of the summer, I worked at a Vietnamese Restaurant in Brunswick, ME. While hard work in the summer, the memories I have from late nights with some really rad coworkers are irreplaceable. Lemongrass Vietnamese Restaurant will remain to be one of my favorite restaurants and former homes.

Meet Oliver: the soon to be over-grown lapdog. I personally think he should have been named something else… such as Chewy (for his biting habits) or Hot Dog (for his coloring). But I suppose Oliver is great too. Before he was brought home from West Virginia by my parents, I was pretty opposed to getting another dog, as we had already had two and raising a puppy is a lot of responsibility and work. However, to Maine he came. What a little nuisance (I’m sure you can tell that I REALLY don’t like this goober).

Unfortunately at the end of the summer, one of my older dogs, Riley, was diagnosed with terminal cancer of his olfactory system, which was growing into his brain. I wasn’t home to see the worst of his time or when he had to be put down; it saddens me to know that he had to deal with this pain. Riley remains to be one of the best friends a wild kid like this could have in her life, and I’m incredibly grateful to have spent my childhood and young adult  years growing up with him. Forever family.

This is Oliver after 6 month of life, taken this winter. Hot Dog would have been a fitting name.


Originally, my friend Addie and I wanted to do a Work Away near the end of our summer. However, plans didn’t work out, so we turned to our alternative option: hiking a segment of the Appalachian Trail. It was a highlight of the summer for sure: long days of walking, talking about life, having profound moments, and just generally being enthralled in the beauty and comfort nature offers to the mind. If I ever get the opportunity to do the whole AT, I would really like to do it (goals).

A rainy start in Monson, ME
I won’t be able to name a lot of these places, but I kind of like their identities remaining anonymous
Fishing for vegetarian cuisine

Swamp Walk
wya Addie
This wasn’t an intentional pose 😉


Before leaving the country for abroad, I stopped over in Oregon mid-August to visit my friend from school, Emily. Her family was gracious in letting me stay with them and in feeding me (which is indeed quite the burden sometimes). Whilst visiting, Emily took my kayaking on the Umpqua River, hiking in Crater Lake National Park and Toketee Falls, and to a Westie Walk (not featured) in Portland. I would definitely recommend exploring the Northwest: the dream would be to live in the woods there and run around the outdoors all day.

The youngest of Hollanders
Wizard Island
Crater Lake
Toketee Falls
The Umpqua River

It will be a long time before another adventurous summer comes around again, due to graduating college, trying to get a little more serious about life, adulting-priorities, and a lot of (quite frankly) ridiculous hooplah that I could do without. It’s such an artificial, system-oriented process, this whole growing up thing. I don’t think life was meant to be so serious and money-driven.

Maybe I’ll become the next Edward Abbey or Thoreau and live in the middle of nowhere in a cabin. I’d take it.


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