The Everglades: Kayaking and Invasive Species

And so FINALLY I’ve come around to being able to write a bit about Florida. Sorry it has taken so long, sometimes being a college student can be a very busy lifestyle with little time to actually do things for yourself (like, blog).

Anyway, I spent my first real spring break in a non-traditional way: in the Fall, I signed up for what we call “Wake Alternative Break” trips that are organized by the Volunteer Service Corp group on our campus. Instead of doing the ‘traditional’ spring break of many university-goers, WAB takes you on a trip that involves doing service for some organization while, at the same time, experiencing something new. The trip I signed up for worked with our Outdoors Pursuits Office on campus, and took us to Crystal River State Park and the Everglades National Park in Florida, where we camped, kayaked, lived simplistically, and did invasive species removal and trail maintenance work with the parks. Needless to say, this was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with Wake Forest. It gives me hope that there are people at Wake who hold similar aspirations and values to me, and just knowing that makes the experience of the southern bubble a little better than it usually is. For this experience and the people I encountered on it, I am thankful.

Here are some images of the trip we took! There aren’t too many, especially of the work that we did with the park workers and volunteers, particularly because we chose to limit our use of technology on the trip (I recommend trying that while travelling, it really helps you live in the moment).

Sunset in Crystal River
Out on King’s Bay, taking it slow
Every trip is selfie worthy, yah?
Sunrise at our campsite in the preserve
Our peaceful campsite at Flamingo Lake in the Everglades
Sunset on a happy campsite
The beginning of the lengthy trip to Bear Lake, coming from Coot Pond
It’s all a little bit to magical, kayaking through a jungle of sorts
So peaceful
Insta worthy, with the perfect ray of sunshine
Just a casual stroll down the NPS road
A walking path connecting the Visitor’s Center to our campsite
The typical sunrise
Friends 🙂
Do you see what I see?
Sah blah
I’d live here in the winter
Required selfie (or it didn’t happen)

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