Maine: An Autumn and Winter Medley

While the blog-life has been on the DL (let’s call it DL versus non-existent), the insta-life has been on a roll. Here are some of my favorite Maine photos from my Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Fair warning: wanderlust is transmissible. Symptoms include desire to travel, need for adventure (we’re talking a need like a sugar addict’s need for sugar, which FYI is more addicting than heroin), and in this particular case, perhaps the creation of a new life goal (travel to Maine). The Maine places that I’ve included in this post are mostly in the mid-coast region where I live: Lands End on Bailey Island, Harpswell in general, Topsham and Brunswick, Morse Mountain and Beach, and a bit of the Cathance River Preservation. Acadia National Park is also included, which is the Downeast region of Maine (one of the most eastern areas in the United States). Tumbledown Mountain from the west part of the Lakes and Mountains region of Maine is included as well, photos dating back to Thanksgiving time. And so, go forth, and enjoy!



The Cathance River Preservation


Tumbledown Mountain


Morse Mountain and Beach

I don't see any lobster 🌲

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A little surreal without snow; I still like it I guess #mainecrusheveryday

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Harpswell (Bailey Island and Lands End)


Acadia National Park


Topsham and Brunswick, Mid-Coast, Maine

*Prancing* in a winter wonderland #dogdogdog #firstsnow πŸΎπŸŒ²β„οΈ

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