Exciting News and Not Exciting Photos 

Hey everyone! I have some super exciting news in regards to my travels within South America: in May, I’m going to be traveling to the Galapagos Islands and I’ll be spending five days in between Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands. I’ve yet to figure out everything that is going to happen in those five days, but I have a few ideas at the moment. I’ll probably hike Volcan Sierra Negra, camp out at a tortoise preserve, visit a lot of the beaches with the sea lions, and just in general, explore the birth place of Darwin’s brain children. I really can’t express how excited I am to do this, especially because as an ecologist in the making, the Galapagos are probably one of the coolest places on Earth that I could possibly travel to. Though it’s not a walk in the park in regards to payment for this trip, I think it’s absolutely worth it, especially since I am already in South America. How many times do people get to go to the Galapagos (that’s a rhetorical question, I know that some lucky scientists get to spend their lives working there)??

In other less exciting news, I have some pictures from Cerro San Cristobal of Santiago. Last Saturday, I took my 14 year old homestay sister on a 5k hike up this hill. She was a real trooper for not having hiked a lot, and we successfully made it to the top, the bottom, and finally, to home. I also ran up Cerro San Cristobal a few days ago, which wasn’t as terrible as I though it would be, but still, 3.1 miles all uphill is a little strenuous. The run down was fantastic though!

Lately, it’s been raining a lot here in Santiago, which is a sign of the coming of winter and ending of summer (even though it’s still pretty warm here). I’m excited for colder weather after all this humidity and heat; I just can’t wait to wear leggings and cold weather running clothing all the time, is what I am really trying to communicate here. With the rain storms come sunny days with very clear visibility of the mountains, which are now capped with snow (another sign of the coming of winter). Hopefully we’ll get another chance to hike back up the mountains before they get too snowy further into the semester!  [Panchi and I found a llama on our hike up San Cristobal. What a majestic beast.]  [Tallest building in South America, right here]  [A great view of the Andes form the lesser seen side of Santiago.]  [Selfie on the cerro after a brutal run up it — I think the smile is too much]  [Great visibility of the mountains after a nice rain storm from the night!]  [Blue skies, buildings, mountains, ect.] [Artsy B&W pic capturing the essence of smog in the horizon]


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