Trees, mountains, shrubs, you name it

I’ve definitely had a lot of weird moments where I’ve taken pictures of random plants that I think are extremely cool. In those moments, I think that all of my ecologist-professors would find these plants super interesting. Then, weeks later, after going through my photos, I find these gems and remind myself that as cool as these photos are, I’m not in Chile to study biology and therefore, these photos are just taking up memory on my iPod. So here is a post in which I will share these magnificent photos with you because 1) they are pretty cool and 2) I can then delete them from my iPod. Enjoy this nonsense post and the randomness that comes with it!  [This lovely gem here is a coniferous tree, native to Chile and apparently, endangered]  [Artsy crap with leaves]  [No idea what this plant is — tree, bush, shrub, I don’t know…]  […but the little spikes on it hurt a lot when you run into it.]  [I spent a good five or ten minutes trying to figure out numbers/patterns that appear on the end of this plant. Why I did that, I have no idea.]  [That’s a birch tree and a person, fyi]  [This has got to be one of the coolest things I encountered! As lovely as the little flowers and green leaves are that supposedly belong to this tree, they are actually in fact part of a parasitic plant that is living off of this tree. As you look up the tree (not pictured), you can see how near the bottom where more of this parasitic plant thrives, the tree is kind of dead, while at the top, it has plenty of its own leaves. SCIENCE.]  [I spy Danny. Do you?]  [I wish studying abroad meant hiking mountains instead.]  [Really though.]  [This is in no way related to plants but I thought I’d put it on here.]  [This is a really crappy doodle I made in the park when I had nothing significant to do. Could look better with more work, too lazy to do anything else #lazygirlproblems ] [Sunshine, leaves, and Brennie featured in the corner]


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