Lollapalooza: Some Pics, But Not A Lot 

Lollapalooza, Chile, 2015 is the first musical festival that I’ve been to, and I was most definitely lucky to spend my first day there with Steffi, Danny, and Buck. It was quite the… interesting experience, to put it mildly. The music was fantastic more than anything, and the energy that came with it from the fans of each performing artist was very unique and epic in many different ways. On the first day of the festival, I saw the Kooks, the Smashing Pumpkins (briefly), St. Vincent, Skrillex, and Jack White. Besides Skrillex, the Smashing Pumpkins and sort of Jack White, I had no idea who the other artists were before going to the festival, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The Kooks were wicked catchy, and I got some decent video clips of them performing (which unfortunately can’t be uploaded onto here). St. Vincent was probably the most badass of performers; she shredded like crazy on her electric guitar and gave off the air of being a woman who ‘don’t take no shit.’ Skrillex had the craziest light show in the evening (not pictured here), and the best music for dancing like a mad woman. But I think the most epic of performances was Jack White (in the past, he was part of a group called the White Stripes, known for Seven Nation Army). He jammed out hardcore for two hours straight, and everyone there loved it! I was fortunate enough to find a place near the front of the stage with the gang prior to his performance starting (a good 45 minutes before, to be exact). Near the end of the concert, I was even more fortunate to find myself directly below Jack White, separated by the metal barriers that keep the audience from attacking the artist with crazy love. It took a lot of squeezing through the crowd, a lot of elbows to other people’s guts, and a lot of willpower to deal with the ferocious audience and the lack of room to breath comfortably whilst making my way to the front. Nevertheless, it happened!

Day two wasn’t nearly as exciting or fun as day one of Lolla, but I still got to see good artists: The Specials, ALT-J, Bastille. We met up with a friend of Danny’s and his gang and sort of just combined ourselves into one big group of people, although at one point, Danny, Steffi and Buck sort of went their own separate ways from the rest of us. [The Kooks][Steffi getting up on the shoulders to get a better view][Selfie with the crowd while on Danny’s shoulders — short people problems][In between concerts, we checked out some of the stands and found this awesome organization for the wildlife conservation of Patagonia! Great stuff!][See above label][Steffi givin’ sass during Smashing Pumpkins][Selfies w/my home boy][More embarrassing selfies…][…y mas…][…y mas.][St. Vincent!][That badassness][She’s getting ready to shred… so epic][The smoke, the light, she’s god][Jack White!][Shortly before getting to the front… this doesn’t even approach how epic it actually was to be there][*insert Jack White jamming on guitar*][Day two! Mapa!][Day two schedule][Bastille!][Brennie makes friends with other U.S students]


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