Valparaíso y mas 

This past Thursday and Friday, SoCo went to the Pacific Coast of Chile, visiting Pablo Neruda’s mansion of a beach home and the city of Valparaíso. It’s fair to say that probably a good 25% of the trip was educational, and the rest of it was full of food, fun and free time to do whatever. For me, it was exciting because it was the first time that I visited the Pacific Coast and swam in the Pacific ocean. It’s a damn cold ocean… but it’s really blue; it’s nothing like the frothy green New England ocean where you can’t see the bottom but still feel as though it’s a good idea to dive in anyway. The water of the Pacific was definitely more translucent than that of the Atlantic; there were times where I could see smaller fish swimming around me when I was in the water. Valparaíso is definitely on my list for places to re-visit.[The Pacific from Neruda’s home — it resembles a lot of Maine beaches][Valparaíso beaches, and the ever vast ocean][Panorama of wtf just occured][The city itself][Loving those artsy colors; many houses are painted in bright colors such as these][Graffiti, and many more graffiti pieces to come!][Panorama take 2][artsy houses][more artsy houses][backstreets of Valparaíso][Danny creepin’, Steffi meepin’][B&W for shading purposes][Graffiti…][More graffiti….][Parakeet!][Cat…][The sickest most fabulously done (in realistic terms) graffiti piece I saw at Valparaíso][Artsy… af…][This caption sucks][Buck’s favorite piece of graffiti][This guy is cool too][This caption also sucks][“When I was younger, I wanted to be a mermaid” is what I got from this piece][“Under the sea…. under the sea…”][Yup][I spy Alyvia in the corner][waka waka ehh ehh][For all those who are concerned, this is not a pot leaf. Get your leaves right.][Flower power][I really don’t know…][ADVENTURE TIME to the max][ok][dem colores][check dat ocean out, iz lukin gud][Apparently this piece looks like me… I don’t see it but okay][Van Gogh’s Starry Night meets Sunflowers][B&W artsy shots of the restaurant we ate at][Pacific Coast Pisco][My fav…. feeeesh]


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