Los tours… Merp.

A lot of these photos are from the damn tours that we have to go on as part of our orientation at UDP. Although they were lengthy and kind of treacherous to go on (in the sense that you could probably go alone and spend much less time looking at the same monumental plaque), we did visit a lot of awesome places. In regards to the photos I took, those places include Cerro Santa Lucia (a lot of the panoramas are from here because you can see a lot of the city from the top of this ‘hill’ in all 360 degrees), and Cerro San Cristóbal (which is yet again on another ‘hill’, but it’s a much bigger hill than that of Cerro Santa Lucia). The first few pictures here are from a run that Steffi and I took to a local park; it has an awesome bridge with some of the coolest architecture, a great statue of the pope, and a bird emporium!

^ snapchatThe stairs ascending Santa Lucia!Santa Lucia’s finest (and only) waterfall/fountain thing.The view of smog, via San Cristóbal. How quaint.


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