To run is to feel invincible

It feels so great coming back from a long run and knowing that you survived and accomplished something that most people haven’t accomplished that day (as it has been said, you might be slow, but you’re still beating all the people sitting on the couch). What’s even more mind blowing is that moment during the run where you suddenly realize that you could just keep running and running and you think “I am invincible.” That’s my favorite point of the run.

Unfortunately, I have weird muscle problems (which more than likely stemmed from a stress fracture in my left tibia that occurred three years ago). Since August 2014, I’ve been dealing with tendinitis of the hip flexor in first my right leg, and since mid January, my left leg. It was so bad this winter that I had to give up running for a good deal of the time so that I could go through physical therapy to get my muscles in order (shout out to Christina and Head to Toe PT, you guys are the best). Things have most definitely been looking up since going to PT because I’ve been able to run a lot more than in January (I’ve logged two 7 mile runs in the books this week actually), and despite a bit of discomfort, as long as I stretch and do my PT exercises as recommended, everything is fine.

But as for those two 7 mile runs: the first was this past Monday (Feb. 16th) after my weekend in Uruguay and it was by far one of the most mentally challenging runs that I’ve done this 2015 year (haaahaaa). I was in such a tired state of mind that I’m a bit surprised that I was able to manage 7 miles. Running in Buenos Aires isn’t particularly difficult because it’s a rather flat city, as compared to the hills of Maine and North Carolina. There are so many running paths, and parks in which many of the citizens work out in. Actually, Buenos Aires has work out machines scattered throughout the city for everyone to use when they’re walking around (talk about a fitness promoting city), which is totally awesome! I’ve used them a few times with Steffi, and we determined that the ab machine is the most fun.

Anyway back to running: so I’m out running while feeling like total crap and I’m going a pretty slow pace. For me, the first half hour of the run is always pretty brutal; I don’t know why, but it takes me a really long time to warm up. Knowing this, I prefer to go for longer runs so that I can get to that point of comfortably running. So basically, the first three miles of my run totally sucked, and I was trying to find every excuse to just stop, turn around, and go home. But the thing about running is that you have to push yourself a little further every time in order to progress upward; I had to tell myself “just five more minutes and than you can turn around” probably every five minutes into the first half hour of the run. But I did it anyway, and I ended up running 7 beautiful miles, and finished much stronger than when I started.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find the perfect description for how I feel when I run besides the “I feel invincible.” I think I should get into marathon running so I can have that feeling all the time (it’s pretty beneficial for the mind). Hopefully I’ll be able to do some races in Santiago; I’m looking into the Santiago half marathon (32 USD), which would be totally manageable. But until that time… I want to try to push myself to reaching that point of ‘invincibility’ because it’s such a great feeling.


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