Montevideo, Uruguay

So I’ve been beaching it at Montevideo, Uruguay for the past couple of days! This was a random weekend away from Buenos Aires in which we spent most of our time lounging on the beach and swimming in the really warm water (and generally just enjoying ourselves). Our hotel was in fact pretty much on the beach;about a two minute walk from it, really. As someone who loves swimming, the water and lot’s of sand, I was pretty content with spending most of my time in Montevideo on the beach (or eating, because nothing beats stuffing your face with great food). I have a bit of a confession: I think I may like Montevideo a bit more than I like Buenos Aires… it might have to do with the fact that the people of Montevideo are a bit more chill (take a stab at why that may be) and that it just generally feels more safe (as in, you don’t feel like you’re going to be robbed while walking down the street to get a coke). Then again, maybe I feel this way because I love warm weather and beach life in general. But I’ve been thinking: if I have the opportunity to go to Uruguay again in the future, I definitely want to stay for much longer than a weekend. Deuces homies, love you Montevideo!IMG_1458

watah watah watah wutIMG_1460

The roof of the hotel — just smashingly awesome.IMG_1455

The sidewalk surrounding the perimeter of the city goes on for about 22 km, as said on our city tour.IMG_1457




Some sick graffiti in the Uruguay streets (nothing compared to Buenos Aires, but still incredibly beautiful).IMG_1445

This guy was a real cutie, playing in the fountain. One of my study abroad friends, Brady, played a bit of fetch with him and they became great friends.IMG_1438

Grinch graffiti. Merry Christmas.IMG_1446

Brady and his new BFF hanging by the fountain.IMG_1433

Mate stand!IMG_1430

Beach sunset during a sick run along the coast = perfection.IMG_1419

Trees and Daniela prancing about in all his glory.IMG_1425



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