Más fotos… Para vos

The Buenos Aires sunset from mi casa!IMG_1251Mate (ma-tay) bowls and their straws/spoons. So many were being sold at the Sunday Market!IMG_1225Steffi is the most adorable person ever!IMG_1243BananoramaIMG_1227Panorama time at San Telmo with Daniela y SteffiIMG_1241Owl-Lizard! Graffiti!IMG_1235Crocodile/Alligator-Birds! Graffiti!IMG_1237Sometimes couples fight in the streets. Specifically, American couples from Pittsburg.IMG_1250A street band! Their stuff was amazing, I really wanted to buy one of their CDs. Unfortunately, our laptops don’t have disk drives…IMG_1232

Probably the coolest piece of art that I’ve seen on the streets!IMG_1229Steffi does not approve, but it had to be photographed.IMG_1257Giant metal lizard pt. 1 at Malba MuseoIMG_1269

The coolest image press/stamp/thing ever! Pt. 1IMG_1271I don’t really know. There are some funk-ay animals out there.IMG_1266Metal lizard pt 2!IMG_1268Ugh couples… just waiting for someone to capture magical moments…IMG_1258Danny = oh so prettyIMG_1272Again with those damn couples and their canoodling in museum sitting areas!IMG_1261Ah the final product of the image press/stamp/thing pt 2!IMG_1273


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