On an unrelated note…

Being the New Englander that I am, SB XLIX was incredibly difficult to watch because I was mentally clinging to the edge of my seat (despite not physically doing so). It was such a close game, and both teams had about the same chance to turn out on top. You know, that last bit when the Seahawks had the ball and there were about 20 or 30 seconds left in the game, and they were one and half yards from the end zone, I was just praying  that the Pats could stop this TD from happening. And my goodness, that interception happened. Damn. If I had been more comfortable in the place that I was in at the time, I would have definitely done a crazy victory dance, maybe spouted some tears of joy.

Maybe this post suggests that I’m a little too invested in football and the success of the Patriots… well… I think that’s also undeniable.

…Anyway, I am filled with so much pride right now for my team and New England. What a season, and what a magnificent win (not to mention, what a great way to show up all those haters). In conclusion, may Tom Brady grow old in a handsome manner knowing that he is a QB worthy of being in the books; may Julien Edelman remain forever quick on his feet to make amazing touch downs; may Gronkowski remain the attractive and talented player that he is (GO GRONK), and may the Patriots be awesome forever.

Should out to my super cute friends and Pats supporters, Tony and Sarah; you guys are the silliest llamas ever.



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