The Dealio with Procrastination

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on Argentina. And when I say recently, I mean last evening. When I say last evening, I really mean only two hours. Did I mention that Argentina happens this upcoming Thursday?

You could say that I procrastinate; that I’m quite the Type B when it comes to doing my work and getting stuff together. I can still recall those 5 AM mornings doing an assignment that was due within the next 6 hours because I just sat back and chilled out thinking “eh, it’ll get done when it gets done” for the 2 weeks that I had to complete the assignment. Terrible, right? And now, I’m doing the exact same thing with preparing for the next six months of my life.

But for some reason, it works for me. Writing papers or really, doing any assignment last minute really gets good results for me. I’m sure there is some logic behind how this works out so well for me, but of course, I really have no clue. I don’t question it too much.

And so, last minute reading on Argentina (and Chile) is working pretty nicely for me. I’m learning new things in a short period of time and it makes me quite happy (I had a crazy epiphany based on the Argentine farmland reading: with a cool bio major and LAS minor, I could own a vineyard/winery and produce really awesome wine! HAHA what a silly epiphany).

On that note, I shall continue my last minute reading and get even more excited about Argentina! Adiós mis amigos!


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