*Insert Catchy Title*

Yikes, where has 2017 gone? Time has swindled past us yet again and we're much closer to the reign of 2018 than we were the crowning of 2017. And during this blink of the eye, I've managed to plow through a plethora of adventures and simultaneously do little to nothing with most of my days.... Continue Reading →


A Very Belated Summer Post

Alas the summer of 2016 (the year of 2016) ended awhile ago; however, I realized I never really put something together depicting the various adventurous I found myself wandering into. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you care to some extent and if you don't, I might suggest you look elsewhere for entertainment.... Continue Reading →

The Fragility of the Environment

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders." - Edward Abbey The significance of the above quote is highly underestimated. Today I'm writing an unusual reflection, something a bit atypical for my blog. I will be addressing my advocacy for the protection of our environment, and the experiences that have led me... Continue Reading →

Tableland Escapades

Hellooo from down under! Just another blog update on living abroad in the rainforest. Here's a quick recap on what is up: the final month of my biology-environmental program here in Australia is dedicated to research whereas the first two months were dedicated solely to classes and learning about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area... Continue Reading →

G’day Mate

Hello good people! In case many of you did not know, I am currently abroad in North Queensland, Australia for the fall 2016 semester. None of you probably also know that it has been a dream since high school to be in the land of the down under, so as you can imagine, this is... Continue Reading →

Once Again, Summer

Here we are again, in the months of longer and warmer days, of which we spend meandering around home or working the hours away to make a little extra change for the coming autumn. I'm content with knowing that I'll be spending the next few months doing all of this and not having to mentally... Continue Reading →

The Best of South America

It's a little odd to think that a year ago, I lived in various places of a different continent and had the ability to travel as I desired to (the perks of living in a city). Wanderlust has been on my mind as of lately, and more specifically, the memories of traveling through South America... Continue Reading →

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